9/27/22 - We were so honored by Lady Filmmakers Festival in Beverly Hills this week. They awarded Division four prizes including Best Ladies First Feature, the Blockbuster Award, Best Actress for Jaime Andrews and Best Supporting Actor for David Lee Garver, with additional nominations for Best Actor (Joshua Drew Payne) and Best Supporting Actress (Corrye Harden). The audience also honored us with a standing ovation! We can’t wait until everyone can see our film, and are so grateful to Lady Filmmakers for this opportunity to have a first look.

8/6/22 - We are honored to make our world premiere next month at the Lady Filmmakers Festival in Beverly Hills. See ya soon, Hollywood!

7/15/22 - Holy moly, you're going to get to see us! Thrilled to announce that we will be distributed by Random Media in 2023. Stay tuned!

6/7/22 - Division was scouted by and signed with Blood Sweat Honey to act as our sales rep. One step closer to getting in front of your faces.

5/10/22 - We just had a friends and family screening and the people have spoken! We're thrilled and humbled by the response. Can't wait to show you!

3/29/22 - We launched the trailer today, so by the time you see this update, we've probably taken over the national conversation from "the Oscar thing."

3/1/22 - Division is Done! We're so proud of it... now it's off to festivals, so I hope to see you soon in a city near you!

1/31/22 - Aaah! We just moved over to Moonshine Post for VFX and finishing. We're in the home stretch, people!

1/7/22 - Our score was just completed by Michael Teoli and it brings such beautiful texture and life to Division. Can't wait to see it all together.

12/15/21 - Stephen Nadeau just finished coloring our film and it looks GORGEOUS, wow!

11/29/21 - You can hear our writer/producer/lead actress, Jaime Andrews, talking about the film (among other things) on The Shadows podcast, hosted by Tripp Bodenheimer, who was a fan of World's Dumbest - the fact of which will make you laugh, once you see the movie.

11/10/21 - We're thrilled to announce picture lock on Division. We're all really proud of how it's looking, and once we polish it up real nice like, we'll release it into the wilds of the film festival universe!

9/2/21 - Jaime Andrews, our writer/producer/lead actress, was profiled by ShoutoutATL and discusses making this fine film we've got over here.

7/28/21 - Woof! After a 10 hour session of notes on the rough with director Jason Winn and actor/producer David Garver, we are more excited than ever about the movie we are going to share with the world. What a great team we are. No stress, all passion and love!

7/07/21 - Holy moly, the rough cut of Division is really strong already. Bless our editor Andrew Bentler for the amazing job he is doing!

5/17/21 - We've officially wrapped on Division and could not be more thrilled with how it went. We're all very excited and think we have created something truly special. Can't wait to share it with you! Stay tuned...

4/15/21 - We begin principal photography tomorrow and we are all pumped and ready to roll!

3/22/21 - We are THRILLED to announce our spectacular lead actor, Joshua Payne. We were so blown away by his audition that we're importing him from Nashville! An accomplished musician and artist, he brings Mason to life in ways we only dreamed about. And a helluva nice guy, too.

3/13/21 - Have you SEEN our ripomatic? For the uninitiated, that's a short group of clips from previous films that communicate the tone of the movie you're trying to make. J Warner did a heck of a job putting ours together, you can see it here. I love it deeply.

3/12/21 - Holy moly, there is a lot of great talent out there. We're still seeking a couple of pivotal roles and we are BLOWN AWAY by the level of work we are seeing. Can't wait to announce who will be joining us on this wild ride. We know they'll be awesome!

3/10/21 - Today we go public with Division! We're all very excited to bring you this of-the-moment story. After months of meetings and rewrites, we start shooting next month! To join us on the journey, check back here, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. We broach some serious topics, but we still plan on having lots of fun!