Our country is in upheaval, with neighbors and families at each other’s throats. Division speaks to this moment in time, politically and socially, in a way that has yet to be confronted. It is honest, funny, terrifying... and maybe a little dangerous.


Andi, a minor actress who has moved to Atlanta with her inattentive fiance, Zach, starts vlogging while stuck inside during the pandemic. In doing so, she connects more deeply with her fan, Mason, and is tempted by his attentions. With a mother who just wants her to have a baby, a friend (Delaney) who fans the flames of her desire, and a neighbor (Aya) who confirms how out of place she is in her new neighborhood, Andi attempts to connect to the chaotic world around her. As the election approaches, Andi is horrified by the machinations of the Trump regime, not realizing that Mason is not only his follower, but is willing to go to great lengths to keep him in power, under the tutelage of his friend and mentor, Mark. When Andi and Mason’s inevitable confrontation goes viral, it leads to consequences for them both which ripple far beyond her quiet southern street.