Jason Winn gives strong direction to Mason (Joshua Payne) and Mark (David Lee Garver). Andi (Jaime Andrews) gets caught making a vlog post. Mason gets some side eye from his mom, Linda (Rebecca Koon). Setting the scene with neighbors Andi and Aya (Corrye Harden). Aya lays down some truth. Delaney (KD O'Hair) reaches out. Zach (Curt Bonnem) and Andi bridge the gap. Jason Winn directs Mason and Linda with assists from Duyen Nguyen (Script Supervisor) and Peyton Barrett (co-DP). Mason and Mark share an outlook. Delaney and Andi go on a lady date. Sheron from the City of Atlanta (Amanda CĂ©line Miller) has some news for Andi. Kara the bartender (Casey Winn) and her patron (Jess Brasseaux) throw some shade. Mason and Andi meet... ...Mason is charming as heck... ...and Andi is pretty into it. Trouble. Jason Winn takes a good look. Mason takes a moment. Mark takes aim. Aya is not having Andi right now. Andi joins Delaney on her podcast. Zach and Jaime connect. Mason on the road. Andi shares some news on her vlog.